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Sodium-ion Batteries:
The Future of Renewable Energy Storage

Sodium-ion batteries are transforming renewable energy storage, offering a cost-effective alternative to lithium batteries. These rechargeable batteries use sodium ions (Na+) to carry the charge, providing efficient energy storage essential for accelerating decarbonization. With their relative abundance and lower cost, sodium-ion batteries are set to revolutionize the market, making affordable electric cars and efficient renewable energy storage a reality.

What Goes Into A Sodium-Ion Battery

Sodium-Ion Battery Cathode

Key cathode materials include layered transition metal oxides like sodium nickel manganese cobalt oxide (NaNMC) and sodium iron manganese oxide (NaFeMnO), which provide high energy density and stability. Polyanionic compounds such as sodium vanadium phosphate (Na3V2(PO4)3) and sodium iron phosphate (NaFePO4) offer robust structural stability and high voltage operation.

Sodium-Ion Battery Anode

Key anode materials include hard carbon, which provides high capacity and stable cycling performance. Hard carbon is favored due to its ability to accommodate sodium ions within its structure, offering excellent reversibility and long cycle life. Another promising material is titanium-based compounds, such as sodium titanate (NaTiO2), which exhibit good structural stability and high rate capability.

Safe and Stable

Enhanced safety features make our batteries ideal for various industries, from residential energy storage to large-scale industrial use.
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Our sodium ion batteries offer a competitive edge with lower raw material costs, translating to more savings for you.
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High Performance

Enjoy excellent energy density and long cycle life, ensuring reliable power for all your applications.
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Sustainable and Eco-Friendly

Sodium is abundant and easily accessible, making our batteries a greener choice for the environment.

Supplies Series of Sodium Ion Batteries

Discover the future of energy storage with our comprehensive series of Sodium Ion Batteries. Engineered for excellence, our batteries offer a sustainable, cost-effective alternative to traditional lithium-ion solutions. Our sodium-ion batteries provide superior performance, safety, and reliability, perfect for various applications, including renewable energy storage, electric vehicles, and grid support.

Cold Weather Innovation

Application Of Sodium Ion Batteries

Research suggests that sodium-ion batteries will be able to meet the growing demands for energy storage in a sustainable way. Some of the known applications of sodium batteries are:

Renewable Energy Storage

In a world in transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources such as wind and solar power, improved electricity storage is of vital importance. Sodium-ion batteries make it possible to store renewable energy for homes and businesses, ensuring a balanced supply of every green megawatt generated. One of the main applications in the energy industry is self-consumption.

Storage In The Grid

Smart grids depend on stable power, as intermittent power can cause grid failures. Sodium-ion batteries can offer greater stability to the power supply.

Automobiles And Transport

Reducing carbon emissions from transport is a key pillar of the energy transition. Sodium ion technology is an increasingly real alternative for electric mobility.

Industrial Mobility

Sodium-ion batteries can maximise asset utilisation in industry and minimise operating costs
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