Sodium Ion Battery Manufacturers

Leadmax Battery excels in sodium-ion battery manufacturing, providing innovative, sustainable energy solutions. Our batteries, made from abundant raw materials, ensure safety and high performance. Ideal for energy storage, EVs, and industrial use, they offer a cost-effective, eco-friendly alternative to lithium-ion batteries. Choose Leadmax for reliable, advanced sodium-ion technology.

Unmatched Benefits of Leadmax Sodium Ion Batteries


Safe and Stable

Enhanced safety features make our batteries ideal for various industries, from residential energy storage to large-scale industrial use.
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Our sodium ion batteries offer a competitive edge with lower raw material costs, translating to more savings for you.
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High Performance

Enjoy excellent energy density and long cycle life, ensuring reliable power for all your applications.
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Sustainable and Eco-Friendly

Sodium is abundant and easily accessible, making our batteries a greener choice for the environment.

Cold Weather Innovation

Supplies Series of Sodium Ion Batteries

Leadmax Battery offers reliable, cost-effective sodium-ion batteries, perfect for energy storage and Startup, ensuring efficiency and sustainability.

Sodium Ion Car Start-Stop Batteries

Our Sodium Ion batteries excel in extreme cold (-20℃), outperforming traditional options with sodium-ion electrolytes. Enhanced thermal management and specialized designs ensure reliable performance, Offering sustainable solutions for automotive start-stop systems.

Sodium Ion Motorcycle Start-Stop Batteries

Na+ batteries excel in motorcycle start-stop systems, offering superior cold weather performance and enhanced durability. Ideal for eco-conscious riders, they ensure reliable, efficient, and sustainable energy solutions.

Sodium Ion Battery Energy Storage System

Sodium ion batteries excel in energy storage systems with superior cold weather performance and long-term stability. Advanced thermal management and specialized design ensure consistent energy output in extreme cold, offering a sustainable solution for eco-conscious consumers.

Where We're Taking Sodium-Ion Batteries

Next Eeneration Energy Storage

Sodium-ion will provide the foundation for Leadmax Battery next-generation energy storage solutions. Delivering low-cost projects operating over long lifetimes, it unlocks new opportunities for energy storage worldwide.

Cost Efficient Electric Mobility Solutions.

Future generations of sodium-ion will open new possibilities to power cost-efficient electric mobility solutions.

Everything You Need to Know About Sodium-Ion Batteries Manufacturer - FAQ

How do your sodium-ion batteries perform in low-temperature environments?

Our sodium-ion batteries excel in low-temperature environments, making them ideal for extreme cold regions such as polar areas and high-altitude locations. They maintain stable performance and reliable power output even at significantly low temperatures.

What is the cycle life of your sodium-ion batteries?

Compared to traditional batteries, our sodium-ion batteries offer a longer cycle life. Depending on usage conditions, they can achieve thousands of cycles, ensuring high efficiency and durability over long periods.

What custom services do you offer?

We provide comprehensive custom services, from design and development to production and installation. Our expert team works closely with you to create tailor-made sodium-ion battery solutions that meet your specific application requirements.

What is your production and delivery process?

Initial Inquiry: Contact us via email, phone, or our website form to discuss your specific needs.
Technical Discussion: Our technical team will engage with you to explore your application scenarios and technical requirements, providing expert advice.
Custom Design: We offer customized solutions based on your needs and proceed to the production stage.
Rigorous Production: We adhere to the highest standards during production to ensure product quality.
Timely Delivery: We guarantee on-time delivery of products and provide ongoing support.
After-Sales Service: Our customer service team is always ready to offer technical support and after-sales service to ensure your satisfaction.

Customized Solutions for Low-Temperature Applications

Contact Sodium-Ion Batteries Manufacturer


Contact &Discuss Requirements

Share your specific low-temperature application needs.


Design and Prototyping

Custom Design: Our R&D team creates a battery design optimized for low temperatures. Prototype Development: We develop a prototype for your review and testing.


Technical Consultation

Expert Analysis: Our team evaluates your requirements to suggest the best sodium-ion battery solutions for low-temperature environments. Feasibility Study: We conduct a detailed analysis to ensure the solution fits your performance and budget needs.


Production and Quality Assurance

Mass Production: After prototype approval, we start mass production in our advanced facilities. Quality Control: We perform stringent quality checks to ensure reliable performance in low temperatures.

Discover Sodium Ion Batteries: Superior Cold Weather Performance

Sodium Ion Batteries excel in extreme cold conditions, thanks to their advanced sodium-ion electrolytes. These batteries offer exceptional stability and efficiency, making them perfect for various applications. Embrace sustainable energy with Sodium Ion Batteries, reducing CO2 emissions while ensuring reliable power. Experience the future of energy storage today.

About Leadmax

Your Trusted Sodium Ion Battery Supplier

Leadmax has been a key player in the new energy industry for 12 years, offering extensive experience in R&D and production. As a leading supplier and factory in China, we operate our own advanced production lines and are backed by a robust R&D team and numerous design patents. Our commitment is to provide high-quality sodium ion batteries and new energy solutions to users worldwide, serving diverse industries with excellence.

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