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As an innovative Lifepo4 Battery Manufacturers with integrated R&D, manufacturing, and sales, Leadmax provides distributors and exporters with long-lasting and safe Lifepo4 Battery Manufacturers solutions for commercial and domestic use.


Chinese Lithium Batteries Factory For Durable Products

Leadmaxbattery is a reliable lithium battery manufacturer determined to deliver proficient, safe, and sturdy lithium batteries. We offer different types of lithium batteries for various residential, commercial, and industrial applications.

Lithium Golf Cart Batteries

Leadmax Lithium Battery was developed exclusively to create the ultimate golf cart ride experience. Through extensive testing and continuous development, we improved the golf cart’s lithium battery technology and functionality

Slimline Lithium Battery

Designed to fit where other batteries can’t, the LM12100LFP-SLIM is the ideal solution to mount behind seats, in canopies, or behind draws. This behemoth packs a whopping 100AH of capacity into a slim 50mm chassis and weighs in at only 13KG

LiFePO4 Car Battery

A Lifepo4 car battery is designed to provide improved performance and reliability. This type of battery is designed to provide more power and a longer life, making it the perfect choice for those looking to get the most out of their car.

Proven And Versatile

Application Of Lithium Batteries

LeadmaxBattery is one of the leading lithium-ion battery manufacturers in China known for delivering lithium batteries for a variety of applications. Our lithium batteries can be used in solar systems, electric boats, sailboats, RV trailers, and various applications. LeadmaxBattery manufactures lithium batteries considering their safety, durability, longevity, and broad temperature range.

RV Application

For RV applications, Leadmax Battery produces lithium batteries that are customizable and flexible with enclosures that provide dust, fire, and explosion safety. Some of the best features of these batteries are bluetooth monitoring, customized BMS, laser welding, patented PCB Structure, waterproof, double safe protection, automatic heat-up, short circuit proof, etc.

Golf Cart Application

The lithium batteries produced by Leadmax Battery for golf cart applications are known for their flexible battery size, lightweight design, and well-equipped smart features, making them the best in the market. A few of the best features of these batteries are hardened housing, explosion-proof, customized BMS, and maintenance-free.

Solar System Application

When it comes to residential applications like home solar systems, the lithium batteries made by Leadmax are the best choice as we ensure the safety and visual appeal of the batteries. Our home lithium battery solutions are accessible at a competitive price with features like transmission latency-free, and excellent compatibility.

Marine Application

For marine applications, Leadmax Battery produces lithium batteries that are thoroughly designed in the R&D facility to ensure waterproof and dust-proof performance when used in boats and ships. Some of the adequate features of these batteries are lightweight battery cells, Bluetooth controllable, high discharge current, solid structure, laser welding, easy installation, smart BMS, automatic shut down, long life, etc.

Lithium Battery Manufacturer Powers Up Your Future

Leadmax helps in selecting the proper lithium batteries for businesses.

As a reliable lithium battery supplier, we have a broad international market, making it easy to supply lithium batteries to various locations.

Frontier Function

In order to meet the rising market demand and stand out from the competitors, Leadmax maintains a separate R&D center. Our experts developed lithium batteries that incorporate technology like Bluetooth and RS232/RS485/CAN.

Full Customization

Leadmax is well known for offering various customization options for clients, including the specifications, and branding of lithium batteries. We provide all-in-one customized solutions from consultation, designing, technical analysis, manufacturing, and packaging to shipping.

Dependable Quality

At Leadmax, there is a quality control team to ensure the quality and durability of lithium batteries. Our professionals will check the batteries for various standards in every stage from material selection to the final product. We have advanced and high-end equipment to conduct the tests.

Satisfactory Service

Leadmax offers both pre-sale and post-sale services. We give quick and efficient consultations regarding product discussions. Our experts will assist you 24/7 in case of any technical issues. We also offer detailed manuals related to batteries and other technical support.

China Lithium Battery Supplier of Both Finished & Customized Batteries

Leadmax is a reliable lithium ion batteries company that provides a full range of product customization services.

During the consultation, our experts will go through your lithium battery requirements and design a model accordingly. The ideal materials are sourced to manufacture lithium batteries that meet your needs upon approval.

Leadmax a China Lithium Battery Manufacturer

Leadmax is a leading company known for designing, developing, manufacturing, and supplying lithium batteries.

At Leadmax, one can acquire bulk orders of lithium batteries for various commercial, industrial, and residential applications. Our products maintain a minimum of 10 years’ life span.

We follow the quality first policy to ensure the safety of the lithium batteries produced in our factory. At Leadmax, we maintain a 100% global standard compliance rate and our products come with CE, MSDS, and UN38.3 certifications.

Through a High-efficiency Cooperation Process

Contact Lithium Battery Manufacturer

Contact & Discussion

When businesses require a bulk number of lithium batteries, clients can send personalized details of the lithium battery. Our team will get in touch with the clients shortly.

Finished or Customized

Upon processing the details, our team will recommend our standard lithium batteries if they are compatible with the client's requirements. Otherwise, we will offer a customization service.

Production Process

Only the highest quality materials are used for the production of lithium batteries. During the manufacturing stage, strict and consistent checks are conducted by our technical team.

Packing and Shipping

We deliver our lithium batteries quickly to more than 50 countries across the world due to our exceptional supply chain and fast logistics.

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